P-6 Bylaw: Québec Court of Appeals Invalidates Article 2.1 Forcing Protesters to Provide Itinerary to Police


Montreal, March 5th, 2018.

This ruling comes two years after the Quebec Superior Court invalidated article 3.2 (which bans face coverings during protests) of the bylaw and almost six years after an appeal contesting the constitutionality of bylaw P-6 was filed by Julien Villeneuve, known as “Anarchopanda”. The amendments to the bylaw were brought forth by the Tremblay administration at the height of the student strikes in 2012.

The ruling cancels the article 2.1 of the bylaw stating that demonstrators must provide an itinerary to the police. The judge believes the article to be unreasonable and excessive, as it allows the SPVM to target anyone utilizing their freedom of speech to mobilize without due process. This bylaw has lead to an unlawful abuse of authority, deciding the legality of a protest without oversight.

We would like to thank all those who have fought against this ruling, both in court and on the streets! First off, we are thankful to all the countless protesters who demonstrated against this abusive bylaw. We also want to thank Sibel Ataogul, Marie-Claude St-Amant and their colleagues at Melancon, Marceau, Grenier et Sciortino for their support in the political sphere. We extend our gratitude to Denis Poitras, Samuel Bachand et Olivier Roy for their help in crafting the initial notice of motion to the Superior Court. We also want to thank Audrey Boctor and David Grossman who advocated on behalf of Canadian Association of Civil Liberties as well as Julie Sanogo and Étienne Poitras from the CSN who intervened on this important violation of free speech. To all of the organizations who came together to fight against this injustice, we’d like to thank you for believing in and sustaining the student movement. Finally, we’d like to thank those who provided financial contributions to the legal support fund PANDACTION. Your support was instrumental to this victory.

We are calling on Projet Montréal to do what is right: dismantle what remains of bylaw P-6.


For more information or comments, please contact:

Julien Villeneuve, Comité permanent de soutien aux manifestant-e-s, 514-394-1180

Me Sibel Ataogul, Melançon, Marceau, Grenier et Sciortino, 514-504-4924

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