For a Council that Lives up to our Expectations

Minister David’s current proposal does not meet our expectations for a Council of Universities.

This message is a point of consensus right across the university community, for both student associations and labour unions.

The consultations on this matter begin the week of October 31, and the points of consensus shared by various actors in the university community will  be heard: we want a possible Council of Universities to be independent, representative, and protect universities for commodification, and for its creation to be accompanied by a substantial and recurring reinvestment in higher education.

In support of these goals, a flyer setting out 8 points of consensus has been produced in collaboration with FAECUM, FAEUQEP, FNEEQ-CSN, CSN-Fédération des professionèles, FQPPU, CSQ-Regroupement des syndicats universitaires, and UEQ

Keep an eye on this page, and follow us on social media, to stay up to date on AVEQ’s work on this issue.


Report: Meetings with Alexandre Cloutier and Amir Khadir on the CUQ

November 2nd, 2016|Comments Off on Report: Meetings with Alexandre Cloutier and Amir Khadir on the CUQ

In the context of the consultations on the Quebec Council of Universities (CUQ) which are presently underway, we met yesterday (alongside partners from the university community) with Alexandre Cloutier, education critic for the Parti québécois.

Meeting report: CUQ consultations

October 31st, 2016|Comments Off on Meeting report: CUQ consultations

Today, AVEQ met with Claude Corbo in the context of the consultations on the creation of a Quebec Universities Council (CUQ). We set out our vision of the CUQ: that its creation be accompanied by


Flyer: 8 points of consensus