Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In effect, we could consider AVEQ to be the spiritual successor of the Regional Table. It follows its intent in its method of voting (which supports a better regional representation) and its commitment to transparency. The association is also committed to making space for the different realities of each association, whether they’re located in a metropolitan city or a distant region. Nonetheless, a significant difference from the Regional Table is that AVEQ is open to all of Quebec, not just its regions.

The voting method used in a national association is critical, since it is what defines the relationship between the member associations. By given each association an equal democratic weight we make it impossible for a minority of associations to impose their will on the majority.

With either a semi-proportional system or with a double majority, the voting method becomes a constant source of tension within the national association, often due simply to the complex calculations needed to organize it. This results in associations constantly seeking to review the different number of votes attributed. From one reform to another, it is the associations with the largest number of votes who systematically comes out ahead, a result that undermines the cohesion of the national association over time.

AVEQ’s by-laws and values were defined over the course of multiple working group meetings at which all of Quebec’s student associations were invited. They were established by consensus among the representatives of each association around the table. They are sure to evolve over time, in keeping with our overarching principles, as more associations join us.

AVEQ was founded by university students, and the question of including collegial associations remains to be discussed. However, for the moment, our priority is squarely on university associations. We will certainly keep you up to date on any developments in the course of the coming months.

Yes! All members can get involved within AVEQ through its various committees, or by presenting themselves directly for its executive. What’s more, every member has an impact on AVEQ’s decisions via their local association’s decision-making bodies.

AVEQ and UEQ are two distinct national associations. We believe that the latter, particularly as regards its voting method, is far too similar to how the FEUQ operated. We prefer to start off on a new basis.

I’m a student in a Masters or Doctoral program. What would I gain from joining AVEQ?
AVEQ has in place a decision-making body dedicated exclusively to issues within graduate programs, called the Graduate Studies Body. They deal solely with issues related to graduate studies and recommend mandates related to them to be adopted by AVEQ as a whole.

We think so. A national association is able to represent the student community within national politics, such as during a parliamentary commission, in discussions with the minister of education, or in discussions with major labour unions, etc. A national association also allows students to coordinate a national campaign so that it is coherent and timely, thus allowing us to gain the maximum advantages for students and their causes.

AVEQ is committed to working with all other organizations that share its objectives, whether that be the FECQ, UEQ, or ASSSÉ. Defending our education must take precedence over any partisan issues, which is why we would work to build a common front as soon as needed. We are equally interested in working with any and all independent local associations who are interested in doing so.

As an organization, AVEQ is totally independent from any political party, and we intend to stay that way. We believe that any proximity to one political party or another is unhealthy for the student movement and must not be allowed.

While a strike should never be considered an end in itself, it remains a possible tactic in response to certain specific circumstances. Whatever the case, it is up to the student members of AVEQ to dictate our marching orders from one national campaign to another.