409, 2018

Job Offer: Political Advisor

Mission AVEQ aims to bring together Quebec’s university student community with the goal of defending their academic, political, social, and economic interests, primarily through research, advocacy, and mobilization. To this end, major social issues

1101, 2018

Report on the Forum on Sexual Assault and Harassment

On December 14th, the Association for the Voice of Education in Quebec (AVEQ) participated in the forum on sexual assault and harassment that took place in the Centre des congrès in Quebec. The event allowed

812, 2017

Adoption of Bill 151: Accomplishments and Next Steps

Montreal, December 8th, 2018 - Today, Quebec’s National Assembly adopted Bill 151, an Act to prevent and combat sexual violence in higher education institutions. The Association for the Voice of Education in Quebec (AVEQ)

2711, 2017

Bill 151: AVEQ Calls For Survivors to be Centered

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Québec, November 27th, 2017. On November 22nd, the Association for the Voice of Education in Quebec (AVEQ) was present at the National Assembly to participate in the consultations hosted by the

1311, 2017

Statement on Bill 151

Following the consultations on sexual violence at universities and colleges conducted by Hélène David, Minister of Higher Education, last winter, the government’s plan to address this pressing issue has now been proposed in the form

1710, 2017

Perrine Argilès elected General Coordinator of AVEQ

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Montréal, October 17, 2017. At a special assembly held on October 12, Perrine Argilès was elected as the new General Coordinator of the Association for the Voice of Education in Quebec (AVEQ).

1309, 2017

Report on the Parti Québecois National Congress

From September 8-10th, the PQ held their 17th national congress at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal. AVEQ was represented there by Kristen Perry (Coordinator of Mobilization and Associative Development), Clément Dallaire-Maltais (Coordinator of Graduate

1109, 2017

Many Ideas Forgotten at the “Forum of Ideas”

AVEQ was present, alongside the MAGE-UQAC, at the 5th Forum for Ideas for Quebec, whose theme was "ambition for our regions". Taking place from September 8-10 in Sainte-Hyacinthe, the forum was an occasion to discuss

408, 2017

General Coordinator Resignation and Interim Measures

As of July 21st, AVEQ’s Executive Council accepted the resignation of Christopher Gyroffy, the General Coordinator re-elected for 2017-2018 term, and will soon be launching a by-election to fill the post. Due to unexpected events

2505, 2017

Community Action Fund Allocations for 2016-2017

The inaugural call for submissions to AVEQ’s Community Action Fund has resulted in the allocation of $39,000 to 44 projects and groups across Quebec. The Funding Committee, made up of representatives from local student associations,

803, 2017

Elections 2017: Call for Candidates

The electoral process for AVEQ’s 2017-2018 Executive Committee will begin in a few weeks. All six positions on AVEQ’s Executive Committee will be open during this election. If you are thinking of running for election, here

3001, 2017

Our Reaction to the Tragedy in Quebec City

The tragedy in Quebec City yesterday evening leaves us in a state of shock and mourning. We first of all express our solidarity with the victims and their loved ones. Muslims are part of our

2401, 2017

AVEQ launches Community Action Fund

We are excited to be launching AVEQ’s Community Action Fund! The Fund has been born out of a desire to provide material support for student and community groups and promote collaboration between students and the

1612, 2016

Infrastructure investment: Austerity must not be forgotten

Montréal, December 16 2016 This morning, we attended the announcement of joint federal-provincial funding for infrastructure renovation and construction at post-secondary institutions in Québec. This funding is sorely needed, but we remain disappointed with the

1512, 2016

AVEQ’s Reaction to the Announcement on the $80 million

Montréal, December 15 2016 This morning, AVEQ was pleased to participate in the announcement, by Hélène David, Minister of Higher Education, of $80 million of direct funding for students. This funding comes as result of

2211, 2016

AVEQ Condemns Hikes and Deregulation at Concordia and Elsewhere

Montréal, 22 November 2016 AVEQ reiterates its total opposition to the proposed increases in tuition fees for international students enrolled in deregulated programs at Concordia University, as well as to tuition increases and the deregulation

3110, 2016

Meeting report: CUQ consultations

Today, AVEQ met with Claude Corbo in the context of the consultations on the creation of a Quebec Universities Council (CUQ). We set out our vision of the CUQ: that its creation be accompanied by

2810, 2016

AVEQ denounces the tuition hike at Concordia

Montréal, October 28, 2016 AVEQ strongly condemns the announcement of tuition hikes targetting international students at Concordia University. International students make a tremendous contribution to their universities and communities. Imposing further precarity on them is

909, 2016

Mobilization Camp: Call for Workshop Submissions

AVEQ's very first mobilization camp will take place from October 21-23 in the Trois-Rivières region. Students from across Quebec will be invited to this space for learning, exchange, and networking. In order to offer a

1306, 2016

AVEQ Condemns the Political Expulsions at UQAM

Montréal, June 13 2016 AVEQ condemns the UQAM administration’s decision to threaten their own students with expulsion for their political activities. We are especially disheartened to learn that these charges are being revisited over a

2604, 2016

Invitation to the Founding Assembly

AVEQ founding Members' Assembly will take place May 21-23, 2016 in Rimouski. Regardless of whether they have participated in the creation of AVEQ, student associations from across Québec are invited to attend this Assembly. If

1804, 2016

Executive Nominations 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Montréal, April 18, 2016. The nomination period for the 2016-7 AVEQ executive has opened. All six positions are open, consisting of: General Coordinator Secretary-General Coordinator of Mobilisation and Associative Development